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At Home Coffee Tip #2

How to use a  plunger. Right… so you have your fresh, filter ground coffee and you have your plunger ready… Now, here is what you do. Miss one step and you might as well go to your garden, take one tablespoon of fresh soil, add it to some boiling water and drink that. Well, thats…
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How to make Scrambled Eggs the proper way.

Have you ever received a plate of scrambled eggs and wondered… was this pre-chewed? …did they leave this in the sun yesterday? …what is this stuff? Well, I think most of us have. So here is a method to set the records straight. Follow these guidelines: – Use fresh, preferably free-range eggs – Crack two…
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At Home Coffee Tips

If you clicked on this post it means you love coffee – and so do we!! But seeing that most of you out there are most probably not trained Baristas, my wish is to educate the at-home coffee lover with some tips on making great coffee at home with ordinary, uncostly equipment. Feel free to…
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Welcome to Basic Bistro

We are proud to present our new website. Please check back here regularly for news and updates.
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