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How to make Scrambled Eggs the proper way.

Have you ever received a plate of scrambled eggs and wondered… was this pre-chewed? …did they leave this in the sun yesterday? …what is this stuff? Well, I think most of us have. So here is to setting the records straight. Our method is as follows:

– Crack two large eggs into a big, round,  salad-size bowl, preferably a stainless steel one for better handling.

– Add half a cup of full-cream milk

– Use a proper hand-held whisk

– Whisk for half a minute …make sure to introduce air into the mix.

– Pre-heat a flat, thick-based pan with a slight smear of butter to a medium heat

– Add you egg mixture

– Wait a few seconds for the egg to heat up

– Now here is the trick most people get wrong: Don’t use a spoon or any other foreign object… use a Spatula …and PUSH the egg mix forward whilst folding it over slowly as it stiffens up – do not stir the eggs. Try to keep the egg mixture as close together as possible… and as the bottom part heats up and stiffens, push it forward, lift it and fold over onto the other parts.

-And here is the other trick: When the eggs still look a little runny in parts – take it off the stove! Now fold it over a few more times and by the time you have reached your plate they will be perfect. Moist, soft, fluffy …delicious!

Basic Bistro Scrambled Egg

Basic Bistro Scrambled Egg