At Home Coffee Tips

If you clicked on this post it means you love coffee – and so do we!! But seeing that most of you out there are most probably not trained Baristas, my wish is to educate the at-home coffee lover with some tips on making great coffee at home with ordinary, uncostly equipment. Feel free to email us or comment any random questions you may have.

Tip #1: The  ‘easiest, best and quickest’  way for the average Joe to make a good cup at home is to use a plunger – yep, a plunger. All-in-one at home machines get dirty with coffee residue and is often impossible to clean properly. Remember, coffee beans has natural oils in them, and oil sticks to things, like coffee machines, and become rancid over time. That’s why professional machines have special chemicals and cleaning techniques to remove residue and keep each cup tasting fresh.  If you are already using other equipment, like a Mocha Pot, please email me if you would like to know how to use them in the best manner. And if I don’t have the answer, I will do my best to find it for you!

Tips to follow: How to use a plunger, the things you got wrong all along;  Choosing the correct grind;  Grinding yourself versus buying beans pre-ground;  Correct brewing temperature, and more…