At Home Coffee Tip #2

How to use a  plunger.

Right… so you have your fresh, filter ground coffee and you have your plunger ready… Now, here is what you do. Miss one step and you might as well go to your garden, take one tablespoon of fresh soil, add it to some boiling water and drink that. Well, thats how I feel about it.

– Boil the kettle

– Pour a little bit of boiling water in the plunger and in your cup to pre-heat (important because coffee is sensitive to changes in heat)

– Swirl the water in the plunger around and pour it out

– Use only one heaped tablespoon per (small) cup you want to make – add to plunger.

– Now, either wait 15 seconds, or pour half a cup of cold water into the kettle (why, coz you don’t want to pour boiling water onto fresh coffee)

– Using the same size cup, fill it with your kettle water, and pour only that into the plunger (if you are making two cups, pour two cups of water in, etc…)

– Stir vigorously from left to right, just for 6 seconds or so, and put the plunger in… but do not plunge yet.

– Wait another 30 seconds and plunge… but veeeeeery slowly, making sure no ground beans escape to the top.

– Chuck the hot water from your cup and pour the coffee in… hmmmm, nice!

Sounds like a process, but you get used to it… and in no time you will be a Plunger Pro!! 🙂

Lastly... fill your plunger with dishwash liquid and hot water, put the parts together and let it stand for a minute before rinsing it out properly. If you don’t do this you will be drinking potsoil again the next time you try to use your plunger.